Phoenix Dog Owners Reviews

Michelle was extremely helpful. I see results already. I would highly recommend her. Score 20 out of 20.
Janelle McGuire, El Mirage 1st October 2009

Very user friendly. Score 20 out of 20.
Candis Lafond, Tolleson 1st October 2009

I know what I need to pay attention to and how to correct it. My dog showed his stubbornness and also showed me he is very smart. I will recommend Bark Busters, especially at work. Score 20 out of 20.
Heather Vermeal- Vet Tech, Vet Tech 1st October 2009

Great first session with noticeable results in just a few minutes.
Manfred Muller, Tolleson 1st October 2009

Excellent program and very insightful.
Virginia Swisher, Surprise 1st October 2009

Michelle is an interesting and delightful therapist! We are very impressed with her training!
Rita Richards, Sun City West 1st October 2009

Michelle has helped us with our high spirited dog. She is much calmer and more enjoyable to be around.
Judy Goss, Wittmann 9th September 2009

I learned so much in just one lesson. Score 20 out of 20.
Judy Watts, Sun City West 10th July 2009

I feel confident that I can apply the techniques Michelle has taught me and that I will see results.
Nancy Metzger- Peoria, Peoria 10th July 2009

Incredible results in first lesson. I can't wait to see my fur children in five weeks. Score 20 out of 20.
LaNea Hysong- Surprise, Surprise 10th July 2009

Excellent Trainer. Score 20 out of 20.
Carmen Clemente- Avondale, Avondale 10th July 2009

Thank you for all of your help! Score 20 out of 20.
Dr. Shcolnick DVM- Goodyear Animal Hospital, Goodyear Animal Hospital 30th May 2009

AMAZING!!! Score 20 out of 20. I was amazed at how quickly (and happily) my dog began to listen and improve his manners. Best of all, I love that I know this training system only used voice and body language to train.
Kathleen Westervelt, Buckeye- Verrado 27th May 2009

Michelle was great! I saw results right away and it was easy to understand!
Danielle Maffetone, Peoria 27th May 2009

I would absolutely recommend Bark Busters. Michelle was personable and awesome. I will recommend her at every opportunity.
Jennifer Floyd, Wittman 27th May 2009

Michelle's information is something that EVERY pet owner should learn. We now have a happier pet and are happier owners. Score 20 out of 20.
Linda Dalzell, Sun City West 27th May 2009

I observed noticeable results especially with my dog Scarlet.
Jeralyn Ashton, Morristown 27th May 2009

Michelle was very helpful.
Michelle C, Waddell 27th May 2009

I am really encouraged that we will be able to achieve our training goals. Score 20 out of 20.
Joanne Dolance, Sun City 27th May 2009

Great training experience! Score 20 out of 20.
Cristi Landingham, Peoria 27th May 2009

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