Phoenix Dog Owners Reviews

Score 20 out of 20. Very educational and informative. Michelle is great!
Linda & Ken Johannsen, Peoria 23rd December 2008

Score 20 out of 20. Beyond my expectations.
Judy Rehder, Avondale 23rd December 2008

Michelle was very informative; the instructions were easy to understand.
Micheal Coulter, Buckeye 23rd December 2008

Trainer Michelle Willey scores 20 out of 20. Very effective and easy to apply.
Tiffany Davis, Tolleson 23rd December 2008

I think all dog owners should learn and use these techniques for happier dogs that will respond to owners. What a concept! Trainer: Michelle Willey. Score 20 out of 20.
Linda Vannoy, Goodyear PebbleCreek 23rd December 2008

My therapist, Michelle, was excellent. Explanations were given and easy to understand. I saw noticeable results at the door and walking on leash. I was pleased that Bark Busters does not use shock collars. The training was very interesting and the concepts are easy to understand. I would recommend this training because I saw results in one lesson.
Trisha Mendoza, Goodyear 23rd December 2008

Trainer Michelle Willey Score 20 out of 20. I am very excited to get started. I love that Michelle made us and our dog, Sadie, feel "normal" and that all of her issues are correctable.
Kevin & Jillian Knutson, Surprise 23rd December 2008

Excellent program! Very interesting. Love it. Michelle is very professional.
Mario Muneton, Peoria 23rd December 2008

Trainer Michelle Willey Score 20 out of 20. Very enlightening and educational. Michelle is excellent!
Karen Zoltanski, litchfield park 23rd December 2008

This was an excellent investment and Michelle provides a wonderful service.
Eric Issacson, Goodyera 23rd December 2008

Michelle was excellent in her explanations for the reasons for doing certain exercises.
Rowena Wolkiewicz, vet tech 23rd December 2008

Michelle was very thorough and made sure I understood all of the concepts. My dog, Wrigley, was very responsive to the training. It was very informative and the methods seem to really work. I will recommend Bark Busters. Michelle was excellent and answered all of my questions. I am eager to start.
Katie McNamara, Peoria 23rd December 2008

Michelle's explanations were great and we had immediate positive results. There was a total difference in my dogs behavior in a very short time. I love the way the dog responded to very simple techniques. I enjoyed this training and the fast results. Score 20 out of 20.
Al Blumenthal, Sun City Grand 23rd December 2008

Trainer Michelle Willey Score 20 out of 20. The trainer explained things and they really work. I saw results immediately in my old dog because he did not bark for food any longer. I like the fact that you don't see "heavy hands" on the dog since he had been a rescue. The insight into the way dogs think made sense when explained from the dogs point of view. We are very excited to try these new techniques.
Cathy Henderson, El Mirage 23rd December 2008

Michelle is very soft spoken and easily understood and clear. Our 4-month-old puppy was very responsive and showed almost immediate comprehension. I am pleased with the techniques and have researched other systems and have had other trainers with other dogs. I enjoyed the experience and would absolutely recommend Bark Busters. I am looking forward to the next session.
Peter & Priscilla Albrecht, Sun City West 23rd December 2008

Michelle is great and achieved great results in just an hour with our most stubborn dogs!
Mary Provenzale, Surprise 23rd December 2008

Trainer Michelle Willey Score 20 out of 20. Excellent work.
Brenda Morgan, Surprise 23rd December 2008

We have a year and half old miniature poodle, Buster, that we needed help with in many areas. Kristyn has been an absolute godsend. On our daily walk a few days ago, a large pit bull got out of his yard and came charging down the street toward us. My first impression was to panic, but I heard Kristyn's voice in my ear saying, "Stand up as tall as you can and yell "Bah" as loud and deep as you can," which I did. I had a squirt bottle of water with me to help in the training and when the dog got 3-4 feet from us I yelled and squirted! He skidded to a stop. He then started toward us again and I repeated everything. He stopped, waited a few seconds, started whining, and turned around and left. So even when she's not here physically, Kristyn is still training "me."
Barbara Bennett, Mesa 15th July 2008

The year is 2004. Zena was born, beautiful full-blooded German shepherd/ I brought her home at 5 weeks old, and she was developing nicely. Then around 12 weeks old, she started her behavioral issues, such as attacking, aggressiveness and dominating everything she came in contact with, even me and the family, WOW. I wanted to send her back to the GSD Farm, and they recommend other professional trainers to me, I had called them and nobody wanted to take responsibility for Zena's behavioral. I went to Florida for a week, and when I came home everyone in the house (they were standing on the couch LOL) said, "Either you get rid of this Evil Zena or we are moving!" So I came in my office and started surfing on the Internet, and studying everything out there and I found Bark Busters. No, Zena has never barked in her life and never heard her bark, so I thought, "Hmm." After reading Bark Busters' mission, I thought
Zena Evans (German shepherd) Mom- Janine Evans, Janine Evans 11th June 2008

After the training we had dogs that would suddenly walk on leash and not bark at the doorbell. We saw results right away. We did not want to hit our dogs to train them. This technique was not harmful to the dogs. We learned a lot about what we were doing wrong and the effects on our dogs. I was on the phone the same evening recommending Michelle and this training. My husband was skeptical but is now the biggest believer.
Julie Vaughn-Meadors, -Meadors 15th April 2008

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